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Magnificent Colonial-style Home in an exceptional setting. Soria

Ref. S182

A landscape of castles and rivers and a lavish private garden with a pool.
  • Price €880.000
  • 12 bedrooms
  • 12 bathrooms
  • 996 m2 built area
Quintanas de Gormaz is a haven of tranquillity, a place of fairytale castles and winding rivers, where life is slower, simpler and immeasurably more picturesque.

It’s the perfect setting for this splendid colonial-style mansion, finished in opulent materials like ceramics and walnut wood and boasting beautiful multi-paned windows that cast a golden light on the interior. The entire property is a paean to elegance and tradition, presiding over a great swathe of garden that’s a balm to overworked minds.

Approximately 60 kilometres to the northwest lies Soria, a thoroughly captivating city and a real bonus of this unique location. What’s more, the property is just 190 kilometres northeast of Madrid, making it easy to reach the capital.

Featuring handsome reception rooms and voluminous hallways, this extraordinary home still exudes a warm and welcoming feel, making it a perfect place to enjoy some precious time with family and friends. Here, every corner has a story to tell, with a wealth of architectural details that speak of the care and devotion expended by its creators.

There’s ample space with 12 bedrooms, each offering a private bathroom and its own unique style, varying in decor, furnishings, size and location. From elegant bedrooms to lavish suites, every guest can enjoy an individual experience.

This is so much more than a home: it’s a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life, blending colonial grace with a refreshingly authentic rural setting.

Discover the elegance, peace and magic of this extraordinary Soria home, where the walls are full of stories and moments become memories.

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