Casa Decor 2024: Six fresh designs to whet your imagination

A kitchen inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the world’s most luxurious bunker and a simply celestial bathing alcove housed in a former chapel: you’ll find all three intoxicating interiors at Casa Decor 2024, where innovation, sustainability and design come together with artistry and flair to create ingenious ideas for all kinds of spaces. This year’s venue is Palacio de La Trinidad, an intriguing early-20th century mansion located in Madrid’s  Salamanca neighbourhood.

Casa Decor 2024. XAZA OUTDOOR BY ESTUDIO RAQUEL CHAMORRO. Photography: Lupe Clemente

The exhibition offers an immersive experience of 46 spaces over 3,600 sqm, housed in a fascinating historical building now transformed beyond recognition by the talents of 200 of the best names in interior design. It’s a fabulous setting for this year’s edition, where natural materials, metallic finishes, cement-effect tiles, stone, botanical motifs and earthy tones emerge as the trends du jour. 

Visitors begin in the garden before journeying through the building interior to resurface in the adjacent guest house. Along the way, a feast of fantastical designs invites us to reimagine how we view and inhabit space. Read on for the highlights you won’t want to miss: 


Fluid reflection

Water, vegetation and sinuous curves are the key elements in this distinctly Sevillian-style garden designed by master landscape architect Fran Cisneros. The centrepiece is a stunning water feature, where a wall of water cascades over a wall of glass in a dramatic introduction to the venue. Recycled green glass gravel and trees dyed a flaming red, mementos salvaged from a wildfire in the Andalusian countryside, add colour and passion to this atmospheric space.  

Casa Decor 2024. FRAN CISNEROS. LANDSCAPE DESIGN STUDIO. Photography: Amador Toril

Alice’s kitchen 

Inspired by the mind-bending world of Alice in Wonderland, this technicolour kitchen by Vonna Estudio features a central island adorned with floral motifs and wrapped in backlit perforated aluminium plating. It’s an altogether delightful and whimsical space, where the induction hob is artfully concealed within the porcelain countertop and automatic drawers glide open as if by magic.

Casa Decor 2024. DELAMORA BY VONNA. Photography: Asier Rua

A terrace for every season  

This design from Raquel Chamorro makes outdoor living a year-round pleasure. There’s a living space offering a choice of two distinct moods, divided by a striking hanging fireplace, a sunroom with swimming pool, chillout zone, outdoor kitchen and plenty of comfortable seating for lazy days in the company of a rather fetching olive tree. Nature is an all-pervasive presence in this distinctly modern exterior, punctuated by unexpected touches like a giant ice bucket right by the pool and a playful outdoor swing. 

Casa Decor 2024. XAZA OUTDOOR, BY ESTUDIO RAQUEL CHAMORRO. Photography: Lupe Clemente

The sanctuary 

Andreu Carulla Research has transformed the mansion’s former chapel into a bona fide temple to self-care and contemplation. Enveloped in greenery and elements drawn from nature, the focal point of this most blissful of bathing nooks is a magnificent shower where the water seems to tumble from the infinite heights of the sky above. To one side, in what was once the apse, a graceful bathtub complements the meditative mood. A true sanctuary of peace amid the cacophony of the modern world.

Casa Decor 2024. ROCA, BY ANDREU CARULLA. Photography: Asier Rua

Compartment Apartment

This original design by Andreina Raventós proposes a new vision for modular living, where everything can be packed away and reassembled when it’s time to move on. In her imagined footloose, sustainable apartment, there is a prominent place for low-impact materials, like the recycled plastic garden panelling and light switches made of 90% recycled components that will themselves find a new life in the fullness of time. Making skillful use of smart home technology, this innovative interior lets you switch up the vibe with a gamut of ambient lighting themes.

Casa Decor 2024. NIESSEN, BY ANDREÍNA RAVENTÓS ARQUITECTURA. Photography: Nacho Uribesalazar

Sink into the lap of luxury 

“The only bunker you’ll never want to leave”. With this message, interior design studio Wanna greets visitors to the ultimate space of last resort. This 12-by-12 metre bunker has everything you could possibly need to retreat from the world in comfort — indefinitely

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